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July Newsletter

We returned from the MAJOR JAMBOREE on the 16th of June after six days of fantastic work.  This particular Jamboree absolutely ranks at the very top of successful Jamborees! What we accomplished in six days was phenomenal.  There were sixteen actors in attendance, and from many places in the US, and around the world.  We […]

Eric and Susana Morris’ yearlong Intensive 2016 Graduation Ceremony

Eric and Susana Morris’ yearlong Intensive 2016 has just been completed with the handout of diplomas at a Graduation Ceremony on March 5th amidst cheers, tears, and applause.  All participants were ecstatic.  Their work was superior!  These are some of the pictures taken throughout the evening. Congrats to all of you once again for your terrific work […]

Newsletter October 19th

On September 12th Susana and I returned to Los Angeles from a five week vacation in Carmel. We adore Carmel! Walking on Scenic drive along the ocean is like a visit to Paradise. We saw over two dozen movies, and rested a lot recovering from an exhausting year of work, and some health issues. I […]