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"When I read a book by...Eric Morris
called "No Acting Please", it put it all
in perspective for me."

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"If you want to be still and full, Eric teaches
'The Stuff' - No one is more zealous in his
pursuit of 'the work' than [Eric Morris]."

Journey of an Experiencer…
a conversation with Eric Morris

This interview was done in 2017 at Eric Morris’s studio in West Hollywood, California. Eric reveals his background in intimate detail and gives an exacting overview of his acting system. He has been teaching acting for more than half of a century and has written 10 books to date. His most recent book is entitled: THE ACTOR’S OTHER SELVES: SUBPERSONALITIES AS AN ACTING APPROACH.

Published in February, 2021.

Having a lot of fun while taking a break at the Jamb!

Bringing scenes to life bonding with each other in a beautiful ensemble.

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