The Intensive Course is Susana Morris’s creation. Susana created the Intensive in 1996 and since then every year for twelve consecutive months a hand picked group of actors embark together in a magical and wonderful journey of exploration creating a sublime ensemble. The Intensive remains the most remarkable and complete collaboration that enables each and every actor to reach his potential, flourish, and thrive. Eric covers the craft in its entirety from A to Z while Susana works diligently and methodically bringing monologues, scenes, audition pieces, scripts, and plays to life being truthful to authors intentions. The purpose of it all has always been and still is today the need to provide a safe environment for the actor to master his craft, and pursue his freedom and career.

Dates for Intensive 2017

January 20th & 21st
February 3rd & 4th
March 3rd & 4th