An Autobiographical Journey into the Evolution of an Acting System by Eric Morris
The Diary of a Professional Experiencer is the sixth in a series of books written by Eric Morris. Unlike his other books, this is a very personal account of his frustrations and struggles as he strives to discover how the actor creates reality on the stage or in film. Though the style is autobiographical, this is, nevertheless, a book about acting. It details the specific discoveries and breakthroughs in the evolution of what Morris believes is the most complete acting system to date. The old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” truly describes his drive to discover, explore, and experiment with incredible techniques for liberating the actor so that acting goes beyond the conventional into the experiential. The book also chronicles Morris’ encounters with many famous teachers, actors, directors, producers, and writers, as well as not-so-famous people, who influenced, challenged, and inspired him on his journey. It starts with Morris’ early childhood and growing-up years in Chicago and goes on to describe the trials and tribulations of pursuing a career in Hollywood, as well as the fulfillment that comes from creating a truly life-changing approach to living and acting.  ORDER ONLINE – CLICK HERE


Order No Acting Please NowNO ACTING PLEASE with Joan Hotchkis
This book explores the theory and specific process of the ERIC MORRIS SYSTEM. Addressing the actors obstacles, inhibitions and emotional blocks, it presents over one hundred and twenty five ONE OF A KIND exercises and techniques for antidoting those problems. Liberating the actor so he can apply the “craft from a “BEING STATE”. Often using journal excerpts and actual dialogues from Eric’s classes, this book thoroughly explores the BEING STATE, wherein the actor learns to do no more or less than he feels. It also contains a step-by step explanation of SENSE MEMORY. The first of five books, it is a wonderful introduction to the system. Complete with photographs of actors involved in the process. Co authored by Joan Hotchkis, with excerpts from her journal.  ORDER ONLINE – CLICK HERE

Order Being & Doing NowBeing & Doing A Workbook For Actors
A fun and exciting workbook for actors to use in establishing a daily work schedule. Designed to help the actor integrate the two parts of the process, THE INSTRUMENT AND THE CRAFT. Which gives spontaneity, dimension, and authenticity to his performance. The numerous daily exercises deal with every aspect of acting including the actor’s relationship to the business. Blank pages provide the actor with space to document his or her own involvement and progress. Being a workbook, every page is filled with a daily assignment and directions to practicing the exercises and applying them to dramatic material. Numerous photographs depict some recognizable actors involved in the work process. This is the second book by Eric Morris that chronicles his system of acting. It is a wonderful companion to “NO ACTING PLEASE” since it continues where that book ends. ORDER ONLINE – CLICK HERE

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Irreverent Acting
IRREVERENT ACTING is a CRAFT HANDBOOK offering a practical, applicable approach to acting, with very specific techniques used to create the emotional life of the character. The craftual process of “Obligation/Choice/Choice approach” is fully explained in terms of the actor’s responsibilities to a piece of material whether it be a monologue, scene, play or film. This book contains 22 of Eric’s 27 “choice approaches” and score of other techniques which make it possible for the actor to fulfill all the obligations of written material from a basis or reality. This book explores the concept of “IRREVERENCE” and the actors need to be IRREVERENT to the material while exploring the character and other obligations during the rehearsal period. It also defines the two kinds of IRREVERENCE; Rehearsal irreverence, and performance irreverence.  There is a section on PREPARATIONS, and the various types of craft preparations. The seven major obligations of material are specifically detailed, and there are numerous examples of “choices”. This book is a specific manual on a complete craft system for the actor in search of a dependable process that is clear, and pragmatic. It answers that nagging question that most actor experience: “Now that I have the script, what do I do??”  ORDER ONLINE – CLICK HERE

Acting from the Ultimate Consciousness
ACTING FROM THE ULTIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS is Eric Morris’s fourth book on the art of acting. His previous works “No Acting Please”, “Being And Doing” and “Irreverent Acting” have established him among the foremost innovators in the world of drama. His system, based on the Stanislavsky method but going far beyond it, begins with an exploration of consciousness and the instrumental needs of the actor and expands to dozens of practical techniques that enable the actor to utilize the full range of his talent. Starting where Irreverent acting left off, this book explores the concept of conscious-unconscious communication as it applies to acting. Believing that 95% of our talent comes from the unconscious, Eric leads the actor into a communication with that “bottomless well of creativity” piquing responses which will infuse his or her performance with a depth and reality rarely seen on stage or film. The techniques explored here establish a connection with the unconscious that cumulatively affects conscious performance. In addition there are three more “CHOICE APPROACHES” explored and applied, a complete chapter on characterization, a section on achieving “ENSEMBLE”, how to create various charts and journals, such as a continuity chart, an “obligation, choice, and choice approach chart,” as well as how to keep a daily journal. Another chapter deals specifically with how to rehearse, with a detailed outline of ten rehearsals which take the actor from the very first reading of a scene to its first performance.  ORDER ONLINE – CLICK HERE

Acting, Imaging and the Unconscious
Acting, Imaging, and the Unconscious is the fifth in a series of books written by Eric Morris on his unique system of acting. His previous works – No Acting Please, Being & Doing, Irreverent Acting, and Acting from the Ultimate Consciousness – have established him among the foremost innovators in the world of acting. In this book the emphasis is on imaging as an acting tool to fulfill material. The work begins with an exploration of the various uses of imaging and goes on to delineate very specific techniques and approaches on how to image, when to image and why. Involved in this process are dreams and dreaming, as well as subpersonalities, which all serve to access and communicate with the unconscious to liberate the images that lie at the core of an actor’s experience and talent, thus releasing the exciting well springs of creativity in the roles an actor plays. With complete examples taken from classic and contemporary plays and films, this book enters territories that have never before been tread upon, thus taking the art of acting into a totally new dimension.  ORDER ONLINE – CLICK HERE