Damaging Experiences

Having a lot of fun while taking a break at the Jamb!

Bringing scenes to life bonding with each other in a beautiful ensemble.


Video: Passion

Eric talk about following your passion in life!

Video: How

The word “how” is the biggest little word in the English dictionary. My lack of a how… a process… a system of acting as a young actor was the catalyst to developing the Eric Morris System of Acting!

Video: Anthony Hopkins

Eric talks about Anthony Hopkins and how he has been admiring his work for the past 40 years!

Video: Components of Consciousness

3 steps to becoming a conscious person and actor! Eric talks about how to become a conscious person.

Video: Personal Inventory

The most important acting preparation exercise of all time: PERSONAL INVENTORY. Discover your blocks and obstacles and get free to be expressive and get ready to act!

Video: Experiential Acting

Eric talk about Experiential Acting: “It means the Actor is experiencing what the character is experiencing in the material”, and gives examples.