Video: Personal Inventory

The most important acting preparation exercise of all time: PERSONAL INVENTORY. Discover your blocks and obstacles and get free to be expressive and get ready to act!

Video: Experiential Acting

Eric talk about Experiential Acting: “It means the Actor is experiencing what the character is experiencing in the material”, and gives examples.

June Newsletter

Susana and I have returned from the MAJOR JAMBOREE 2014 at UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead. It was six days of the most incredible experience any of us have ever had! We have been doing Jamborees for decades, and they have all been very successful and fulfilling. This one went beyond all expectations; it […]

Jamboree June 2014

May Newsletter

Congratulations! Maria Guzeeva, one of our Russian actors is doing a T.V. show in Russia. Susana worked with her on the material before she left and continues to coach her on the telephone. Jenia Tanaeva, is preparing to star in a huge American film that she wrote the script for. Susana is also coaching her […]

Video: Johnny Depp

Video: Vulnerability

Eric Morris talks about how vulnerability, sensitivity, risibility and affectability have to be a part of the actors instrumental training. Vulnerability for an actor is not an option. It is a necessity!


Eric was obsessed with Sense Memory as a young actor! Learn what Sense Memory is really about and why Sense Memory is the #1 most misunderstood technique of any acting system in the world.

Newsletter April 16th

At the South by Southwest film festival, that has just been held in Austin Texas, three of our students participated in films.  Angie Cepeda who has studied with me and my wife Susana for the last eleven years was the romantic lead in the film “Night in Old Mexico” opposite Robert Duvall.  Angie is a […]

Video – Fly Scared

In this week’s video “Fly Scared” I talk about fear & tension. When I was a young actor taking acting classes, Harry Dean Stanton used to call me “King Tension”. Thank goodness, I have dealt with my fears and tension over the years and have gotten over their crippling effects on me. We all have […]