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Maria Guzeeva, one of our Russian actors is doing a T.V. show in Russia. Susana worked with her on the material before she left and continues to coach her on the telephone.

Jenia Tanaeva, is preparing to star in a huge American film that she wrote the script for. Susana is also coaching her and getting ready for it.

Sandra Videnska and Jason Hildebrandt starred in a short film that won the audience favorite award for a short film at the Beverly Hills Film Festival a couple of weeks ago.

Greg Bradley a writer/director that has been taking my class for over a year just won the top honors for a documentary called “Tough Ain’t Enough”, which was at the Fort Meyers Film Festival in Florida. The documentary was about Al Ruddy, one of the original producers of the Godfather and the originator of a number of television series. Al’s former wife was in my class decades ago and Al visited my class from time to time.

Marc Senter has a wonderful part in “Dementia” a XYZ film directed by Mike Testin and starred by actor Gene Jones (“No Country for Old Men”, “The Sacrament”). Marc plays young Gene in Vietnam, he is simply wonderful.

Angie Cepeda just opened in Madrid with “Night in Old Mexico” starring with Robert Duvall. She is gorgeous and fantastic getting the most ravishing reviews. It has always been and remains a true pleasure to work with them. We are delighted to see all of our actors doing so well!

Major Jamboree in THREE WEEKS!

Susana and I are getting ready for the THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR: The 34th
Major Jamboree June 8th through 13th. People come from all around the world to participate in this awesome experience. The week long intensive involvement bonds people so tightly that some of our former participants have remained close for several decades. The environment is so fantastic that it allows everyone to totally focus on the work with no distractions. The place is magical, over five thousand feet high surrounded by hundreds of year old pine trees.

We work for fifteen hours each day and no one seems to get really tired! We have been holding our Jamborees at the UCLA Conference Center for many years which affords us five star accommodations with exquisite gourmet meals. We usually take a two hour lunch break so everyone can enjoy the pool and the Lake. There is also time before breakfast to take a hike and see all the wonderful wild life in the early morning sun. There is a beautiful swimming pool, a hot tub and tennis courts. There are miles of hiking trails surrounded by the most incredible forest.

We have often ended the week with an “open mic” session where anyone that wants to sing, play an instrument or just do a standup routine can do so at an outdoor Greek Theater nestled in the woods. I work each actor in a liberating instrumental and I teach the craft while Susana works with each person on a monologue and a scene. She coaches, directs, and enables the actors to use the craft to fulfill the obligations of the material. It is an amazing experience that enriches everybody’s life forever.

My Hollywood Stories!

My newest book “My Hollywood Stories” is finished and we are working to get it into print which will probably take a couple of months before it reaches the book stalls As soon as my responsibility for that is over I will go to work to write “Repairing Life’s Damage” which I have already outlined. I hope you are enjoying the videos that you receive twice a month and be sure that you are telling all your friends to sign up at to get the newsletter, videos, updates…etc. Be well and find some time each day to be creative. A daily work schedule will keep you in the loop. Stay healthy, peaceful and calm. Happiness to all and love always,

Eric and Susana

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