Newsletter: WHO’S WORKING?

Actually a lot of our actors are. They have either been working recently or they are working now or in the very near future.

Mitch Levene, Natalie Castillo, Kamilla Alnes, Alexis Brandt, Curtis Ingram and Carlton Totten toured with the play “Asylum” which played in five different cities. It was very well received, all the actors were fantastic. Having the same training background allowed them to achieve organic reality with the content of the play and with each other.

One of our Russian students Maria Guzeeva has been doing a series in Russia and is due to return to class very soon.

All of the actors we just talked about are in class and being coached privately by Susana. Commitment and hard work using a specific process pays off in the results.

My latest book “My Hollywood Stories” is out and can be purchased from various vendors including It will also be on eBooks. It is a fun read filled with impacting personal stories as well as Hollywood hi jinx, funny happenings and not so funny tragedies. It is filled with the pictures of most of the people who are profiled. For older readers it will be a trip down memory lane while younger people will get a history lesson on the evolution of the movie industry from the 40’s to the present. The people who have already read it have said that they couldn’t put it down. It is a real page turner!

We have a Mini Jamboree on Sub-personalities and Imaging coming up. Both are “Megapproaches”. It will be held at The UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead on September 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th. The Jamborees are awesome experiences and people leave with a glow and the joy of learning specific tools that they can carry into their work immediately. It is almost full so if you are interested contact us soon.

I hope you are all enjoying the videos you get each month and I hope that you do the work that they suggest. Be happy and wee and productive.

Eric and Susana