Newsletter August

“I know the work….. I just didn’t know your name.” That’s all we heard over and over again from actors, teachers, students, interpreters, even taxi-drivers all along in Madrid the week we were there to teach our Workshop to Spanish Actors July 6th through 10th 2015. It was truly interesting to hear this when Juan […]

Video: Passion

Eric talk about following your passion in life!

Video: How

The word “how” is the biggest little word in the English dictionary. My lack of a how… a process… a system of acting as a young actor was the catalyst to developing the Eric Morris System of Acting!

Video: Anthony Hopkins

Eric talks about Anthony Hopkins and how he has been admiring his work for the past 40 years!

Newsletter: WHO’S WORKING?

Actually a lot of our actors are. They have either been working recently or they are working now or in the very near future. Mitch Levene, Natalie Castillo, Kamilla Alnes, Alexis Brandt, Curtis Ingram and Carlton Totten toured with the play “Asylum” which played in five different cities. It was very well received, all the […]

Video: Components of Consciousness

3 steps to becoming a conscious person and actor! Eric talks about how to become a conscious person.

Video: Personal Inventory

The most important acting preparation exercise of all time: PERSONAL INVENTORY. Discover your blocks and obstacles and get free to be expressive and get ready to act!

Video: Experiential Acting

Eric talk about Experiential Acting: “It means the Actor is experiencing what the character is experiencing in the material”, and gives examples.

June Newsletter

Susana and I have returned from the MAJOR JAMBOREE 2014 at UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead. It was six days of the most incredible experience any of us have ever had! We have been doing Jamborees for decades, and they have all been very successful and fulfilling. This one went beyond all expectations; it […]

Jamboree June 2014